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ooh definition: 1. an expression of surprise, pleasure, approval, disapproval, or pain: 2. an expression of…. Learn more.

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With nearly 10,000 users in our secret beta -- WE'RE FINALLY LIVE!! Get an Invite from a Friend or Creator to join the app now. Oooh is a first-of-its kind social video platform that rewards you for your skill and creativity. And, different from every other app where you just post selfies hoping to get noticed... on Oooh, 'ooohs' are what you do!

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The meaning of OOH is —used to express amazement, joy, or surprise. How to use ooh in a sentence.

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Britannica Dictionary definition of OOH. — used to express pleasure, surprise, or both pleasure and surprise. Ooh, that feels good. Ooh, those flowers are beautiful! 2 ooh / ˈ uː/ verb. oohs; oohed; oohing.

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Ooh definition, (used to express amazement, satisfaction, excitement, etc.) See more.

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Oooh | 20.051 pengikut di LinkedIn. Activities with Friends | Oooh has invented a whole new way to connect with your friends and community. They’re called ‘ooohs’. It's simple: start one of our ooohs, share the link out, and get responses from your community or friends.


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